Banking Bonuses

Banking bonuses are offered by casinos as a way of inducing players to make deposits through a certain method of payment. Casinos like to offer these because they have to pay commissions when they accept credit card payments or often have other issues related to the acceptance of credit cards, so when players deposit through other methods such as Neteller, they save money and have less of a hassle.

Because of governmental restrictions regarding online gambling, many players will find that the first time they try to make a deposit using a standard credit or debit card; they are unable to do so. Since this also makes the casino look bad, despite not being the actual casino’s fault, they would like to encourage players to use other deposit methods.

Similar to other kinds of bonuses, banking bonuses are usually offered as a percentage of the total deposit, when the deposit is made using a specific banking method such as NETeller, Skrill (Moneybookers), or Click2Pay. So if a casino is offering a bonus of 20% for using NETeller, you would earn an extra $20 when you make a $100 deposit using that system. Often times these bonuses can stack on other bonuses, meaning that if you are also eligible for a 100% match bonus, you would get $120 as a bonus instead of $100 just for using the alternative payment method.

Of course, there are limits to banking bonuses, as you may only be able to take advantage of them a certain amount of times in a given month or year, and they usually have relatively small maximum amounts. Of course you should also review all of the rules regarding these bonuses to make sure that you actually get the bonus offered. However, these can be quite a nice little boost for players willing to try out an alternative payment method or e-wallet.